Nut Cap


Nut Cap 12X30-60mm, Hex Cap, Nylon Nut Bolts, Water Proof Cable Cover Nut Bolt, Bolt Closer Cap, Pull Ring Plastic Cap, Plastic Lid Cap, Plastic Bolt Covers


Use In:- Grain Storage Silos, Steel Silos, Grain Storage Systems, Storage Tanks, Bolted Tank Storage,

Material Handling Equipment, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Zincalume Tanks For Liquid Storage,

Zincalume Steel Storage Tanks, FRP Storage Tanks, SMC Plants Tanks, FRP-SMC Panel Tanks, Fire Fighting

Water Storage Tanks, PVC Tank Liners, Glass Fused Steel Tanks, GFS Tank, Anaerobic Digester Tanks,

BIO-GAS Holder Tanks, Liquid Storage Tank, Flat Bottom Silos, Hopper Bottom Grain Silos, Hopper Bottom Silo

Additional information

Weight 0.098 kg
Dimensions 72 × 37 × 158 mm


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