Foot Adjuster


Foot Adjuster, Foot Tappet Adjuster, Adjustable Leveler Leg, Foot Nail Plastic, Leveling Foot Adjuster, Foot Common, Pvc Leg, Foot Attachment, Foot Leg, Glide Leveling Foot Adjuster, Cabinet Desk Screw, Table Leg Adjuster, Furniture Leg Adjuster,
M8 Thread Screw On Furniture Glide Leveling Foot Adjuster, White & Black Adjustable Leveler Leg / Feet / Foot, Base Thread Leveling Mounts, Level Adjuster, Home Metal Adjustable Threaded Stem Furniture Table Desk Glide Leg Leveler Leveling, Nylon Fixed Foot Adjustment Foot Anchor Screw Plastic Foot Mat M8


USE IN:- Water Cooler Accessories, Furniture Foot Accessories, Foot Leg All Equipment Accessories, All Machine Foot And leg Accessories

Additional information

Weight 0.098 kg
Dimensions 72 × 37 × 158 mm


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